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If your wildlife problems have became more then you can bear our professional services are here to help with dead animals or live skunks, raccoons, squirrels and all other nuisance animal control needs.- Mario Sr. President of U.S. Wildlife Removal Service

Deerfield rodent removal serviceMice in your home can be disastrous. Did you know that most homeowners insurance policies do not cover rodent damage done to your how? How much damage can little mice cause right? Wrong! Mice and rodents inside a home are one of the leading causes of business and home fires across the U.S. causing a staggering 30%, which is roughly 30,000 per year. We offer full services for Deerfield pest control and mice trapping because of the dangers they pose. Our home inspections for mice entry points before our rodent removal company services cover your home from top to bottom to find the small holes that allow problem mice to enter your home. Once we find these rodent hole we begin to set up mouse trapping services to get rid of mice so we can proceed to the next step, mouse proofing. Our mouse proofing services entail finding every hole and sealing them with materials that mice can not gnaw through. Materials to keep mice out of a home are limited to a very few rodent proof materials such as glass and metal. Once we remove rodents and seal your home from mouse re-entry we can then proceed with mouse & rodent dropping removal and disinfectant treatments to kill the smells and disease left behind. If you are hearing mice in your attic or have found mice droppings in your basement or cupboards give us a call today to set up a Deerfield home rodent inspection.

Bat Removal & Control in Deerfield Illinois

Bats are an amazing animal with a very large appetite, a fast digestive system, and actually the only mammal that can fly. Bats are excellent for our ecosystem eating there weight in insects every night. Bats can also be a health risk to humans because the biggest health factor from bats is rabies. Rabies are found in bats more then any other animal. Histoplasmosis is a disease associated with bat guano and bird droppings. When droppings are ignored, a fungus can grow and produce spores that may cause histoplasmosis when inhaled. Also comes the fact that, parasites can be associated with bats. Fleas, lice, mites and bat bugs can infest bats, Some may transmit diseases to humans and pets. Our company takes Deerfield bat control very seriously. Bats can live in large colonies and are very protected by wildlife management. We offer full services of humane bat removal to ensure all bats are safely out, and once all are out, then we could start our bat proofing for your Deerfield home to keep bats from re entering. We also offer bat guano removal, insulation removal and re insulation to your attic. If your in need of a Deerfield bat removal company, feel free to call for a consultation.

Deerfield bird control companyDeerfield Bird Control Services & Nest Removal

Birds in the attic can be a nightmare as they fly in and out daily with nesting materials such as hay, straw, leaves and garbage. Before you know it those tiny little birds have accumulated nesting spanning 5-10 feet across and up to 4 feet high. Along with this nesting comes bird mites and the most serious health concerns relating to bird feces is the fungal respiratory disease, hystoplasmosis. We offer full services for bird control in Deerfield IL from bird spikes and repellent gels to bird proofing and bird nesting removal. Our bird services are all guaranteed for workmanship and quality of materials so once we get rid of the birds you never have to worry about a re-infestation. From sparrow removal and blackbirds to starlings and pigeon’s bird control and removal is no issue for us. We have many environmentally friendly Deerfield bird removal company solutions that are effective as well. If you have birds flying in and out of your attic fans, vents, peak vents or soffits and needs removal we are your one stop resource for quality bird control for all of McHenry and Deerfield Illinois.
Deerfield chipmunk control

Chipmunk Trapping & Control in Deerfield IL

Although small and cute, Chipmunks can be a destructive when they are present in large numbers, if your a garden enthusiast with a well planed garden, you know first hand what chipmunk can do to your flower bed or vegetable garden. They also can cause structural damage by burrowing under patios, stairs, retention walls, or foundations create burrow holes all over your property leaving the home owner searching for the best method on chipmunk control usually ends up by calling a our Deerfield chipmunk removal company. A couple of example of chipmunk problems is the fact that other wildlife can be attracted to the burrowing holes and take up residents and more often than not are taken over by larger animals. Chipmunk burrows can create a bigger menace when a bold skunk takes over spraying to defend his territory or having a dozen eager to spray baby skunks is no minor situation and not to mention a trip to the Dr. office for a twisted ankle. If you been trying to figure out a way to deter chipmunks or remove chipmunks from your Deerfield property call one of our experts for advice. Chipmunk trapping is sometimes the best solution in controlling your chipmunk issues. We provide pesticide free chipmunk removal solutions to eliminate structural damage and wildlife attraction. Feel free to give us a call for a phone consultation.

Deerfield Squirrel Trapping Services & Control

squirrel trapping companySquirrels in an attic present the same problems as mice but just on a larger scale as they can gnaw faster resulting in greater damage. The damage squirrel create in an attic is usually never covered by homeowners insurance given that they are a rodent. Squirrel damage in an attic ranges from gnawed wires to trampling and urination on insulation or exterior holes that allow water to enter creating water damage and mold issues along with other unwanted guest from bugs to bats to enter. Our professional Deerfield IL squirrel removal company services get to the bottom of pest squirrel problems and stop them with numerous effective squirrel trapping set ups. We offer all services after successful squirrel removal ranging from squirrel odor removal and nesting removal to squirrel exclusion and damage repairs with squirrel proof steel. Squirrels can be a real pain especially when they have 2 litters of young per year. If you are having issues with nuisance squirrels in your attic don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation. We offer Deerfield squirrel control packages as well for large colonies.

Woodchuck/Groundhog Removal & Control

Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs or whistling pigs are the largest member of the squirrel family. Their Identified by their reddish brown fur, stout body, short legs, bristly tail, flat head and a white patch surrounding its nose, Woodchucks surfaces from its den in the early morning or late evening to eat, they do this in order to get their intake of water from the dew and plant moister contained in their preferred foods. Seeing woodchucks on your property is not a good thing because woodchucks will do a variety of damages. These animals have been known to damage vegetable and flower gardens, crops, orchards, and nurseries but the most important damage is to structure, the burrows of Woodchuck/Groundhog usually have between on two and five entry points, giving groundhogs their critical means of evading predators. Burrows are commonly large, with up to 30 feet of tunnels buried up to 5 feet underground, and can pose a serious danger to pastoral fields by injuring farm animals and damaging farm equipment or residential structure, can cause foundations or small buildings to have structural instability. When dealing with a nuisance woodchuck, trapping is the only guarantee that the woodchuck issue is removed. There are known repellents, deterrents on the market, but will provide temporary relief if any at all. In order to solve a woodchuck problem for good, they must be trapped and removed from your property. We offer professorial & humane woodchuck trapping & removal for your pest issue. If you’re in need of woodchuck removal, don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation.

Skunk Removal & Control in Deerfield IL

skunk trapping DeerfieldWe can honestly say we love skunks, they are cute, docile when dealt with correctly are surprisingly very smart with a reputation for being smarter and a better pet then a house cat. If it were legal in Deerfield Illinois we might even have a few…however we would never want one living under our deck or stoop so we know just how you feel when you want to get rid of a pest skunk on your property. Believe it or not we have had several clients call the gas company or fire department before calling us for skunk removal services because they thought the sulfur in the skunk essence was a gas leak. The sulfur in skunk spray is what temporarily blinds animals threatening the skunks life. We offer professional skunk odor removal for skunk spray that is just unbearable which is usually best done after skunk removal is performed. There is a special process for skunk control that always starts with skunk trapping because nothing can be done effectively with a live skunk spraying. Unfortunately we do encounter dead skunks from poisoning or natural causes usually disease. When we have a dead skunk under a deck of concrete stoop we try and remove it as soon as possible as the smell will last for periods of 6+ months very strongly. This is best accomplished by digging till the carcass can be found and removed, a very long process. If your looking for professional Deerfield IL skunk control by humane trapping give us a call today for a phone consultation for skunk removal or skunk odor removal.

Deerfield IL Raccoon Trapping & Control

Deerfield raccoon trapping companyRaccoons in an attic present two huge issues. Attic insulation damage causing a big rise in heating & cooling bills and the parasite ridden feces filled with raccoon roundworm eggs. Raccoons establish community latrines sites where they repeatedly deposit fresh feces. Raccoon feces can carry millions of roundworm eggs that lay dormant for years and can infect domestic cats and dogs, so raccoon removal is very important Raccoons are powerful animals and to be quite honest, almost every home is at risk of raccoons entering the attic because of their agility and power. Nuisance raccoons chew through roof shingles and wood, boar through soffits, tear down siding and fascia boards and pop open attic fans & vents to get inside an attic. Our Deerfield raccoon removal company services tackle all types of raccoon control situations with various types of traps and raccoon exclusion, custom fabricated out of steel to insure once we get rid of raccoons they are gone for good. If you have a raccoon that has broken into your attic you are in luck about one thing, homeowners insurance usually covers the damage they do and takes care of the damaged insulation ruined by the raccoons walking and trampling around. Attic re-insulation due to raccoon damage is best done once the problem raccoons are removed and the raccoon entry points are sealed up professionally. We guarantee all of our raccoon proofing for quality of materials and workmanship. If you have a raccoon in your attic that you need to get rid of, call us today. We will send out a Deerfield IL technician to get your raccoon trapping process started as well as an agent to estimate damage and work directly with your homeowners insurance on attic restoration.


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