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These are some of our most commonly asked questions.

What is the average number of skunks in a litter?

Typically, when we are trapping an entire skunk family, we catch about 5-8 adolecent skunks on average. 

How many raccoon kits are in a litter?

In April, when we start receiving the first calls for raccoon litter removal, we usually find 3-5 baby raccoons per litter on average.

How long does it take to completely get rid of an animal problem?

 The trapping and/ or removal time will vary depending on the type of animals and of course, how many animals need to be removed. Along with this, a trap smart animal can take substantially longer to removal. With this said, on average it takes about 4-7 days from start to finish to trap and remove all nuisance animals from a home.

Do you offer sealing of animal entry points?

Yes, animal proofing and wildlife exclusion is our main service offered. Trapping is only a temporary solution as new animals will smell the residual odors and take up residence in the now vacant den site. We offer guaranteed animal exclusion services with only high quality materials (not chicken wire or hardware cloth) that are made specifically for wildlife proofing homes.

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