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Here at U.S. Wildlife Removal Services, we specialize in humanely getting rid of skunks and professionally sealing their den sites to prevent future skunk infestations. We have decades or skunk trapping experience that help us in addressing any situation that may arise. 

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Skunk Management and Exclusion Services in Richmond, IL

nuisance skunk in Richmond IllinoisAre you looking for a Richmond skunk removal company? Skunks are neighborhood animals that generally leave people and pets alone unless they get too close. In those cases, a quick spray with their less than pleasant smelly calling card causes tomato juice baths for weeks. Skunks in and of themselves may not seem like a huge issue, but did you know that they actually cause a variety of serious wildlife control issues for Illinois homeowners?

Thankfully, we have animal removal technicians to help when you find yourself with a nuisance skunk that needs to be removed from your home and/or property.

After the skunks have been removed, we offer several options for skunk exclusion. Skunk proofing a shed, concrete porch or deck is imperative in preventing a new problem from arising as the odors they leave behind will attract new skunks to the vacant den site.

Nuisance Skunk Trapping

Skunks live in almost every neighborhood and while they are generally harmless unless you happen to get in the way of their foul smelling spray, these animals being in and around your home can be a big problem if left untreated.

Skunks have an affinity for digging under decks and homes. This can cause foundation problems due to water coming in constant contact with the foundation of your home and slowly eroding it away. Skunks also are second only to the raccoon in cases of rabies. As a carrier of rabies, they are very dangerous to humans and pets if they bite them. Avoiding any potential rabies related incidents is an important part of effective skunk removal services.

For all of these reasons and the ones stated above, it is vitally important that you address the nuisance skunks around your home before they cause a large amount of expensive animal damage.

Can Skunks Cause Serious Damage?

image of trapped skunk at Richmond homeYes, skunks can cause major damage to your home and property. While skunks will usually keep to themselves unless a neighborhood kid or your family dog gets too close they can actually cause a lot of damage to your home and property resulting in expensive repairs and what seems like an endless cat and mouse game to catch them. While skunks are very helpful at removing rodents and other small mammals from around your home, their burrows can cause some problems for homeowners in Illinois.

When a skunk chooses to burrow close to your home, they can significantly damage your home’s foundation. Their burrows create channels for water to erode your foundation and other structural issues and the last thing you want is a foundation problem for your home. Skunks also choose to burrow under sheds or low decks, making them a concern whenever you want to enjoy your grill or get gardening tools for fear of constantly disturbing them and being sprayed. Skunks will also dig up gardens and landscaping in their hunt for grubs and small mammals to eat.

A bigger concern to families with small children and pets is the fact that skunks are big carriers of rabies and while this itself is a big concern, they are also known transmitters of canine distemper, hepatitis, tularemia, and Q-fever. All of which are serious diseases on their own.

How Do We Remove the Skunks?

We commit to using only humane methods to trap and remove skunks from around your home. This protects both our technicians and the animals from harm. After we do our initial inspection, we will talk to you and plan out each step of the removal process so you know exactly what is going on. We use only humane and safe trapping methods so you can rest easy knowing that no harm will come to the skunks.

Skunk Odor Removal Services

After the skunks are removed safely and securely, we start our restoration process. Not only can we fully clean out any debris left by the skunks including their nests and any food stashes, we will fully deodorize the space and ensure they any feces and/or urine is safely removed. This process allows us to remove any lingering pheromones in the space that may attract other animals to the space. Then we will then fill in their burrows with dirt and animal proof and access points so the skunks cannot return.

Why A Professional Animal Removal Service?

Animal control and removal in and of itself can be a dangerous and complicated undertaking. Certain techniques and methods need to be used in order to guarantee that the skunks are removed safely and humanely.

Skunks can sometimes get territorial and that is why it is important to hire a professional team to handle them as you can sometimes risk injury from scared and frantic animals.

This is why professional services are the best route to take. Our team of highly trained wildlife removal professionals in Richmond Illinois know exactly how to manage a skunk infestation and can remove the skunks safely from their burrows so that both our technicians and the squirrels remain unharmed.

If you suspect you have skunks, we can come and provide a full inspection of your home and property and work with you to create an action plan. If you already know you have skunks, we will come to your home and create a plan with you to remove the skunks and get your home back to pre-animal condition. Give us a call today for professional Richmond, IL skunk trapping services


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