Buffalo Grove Skunk Control Services

Skunk Den SiteWhen dealing with a skunk underneath your Buffalo Grove stoop, the pungent odor will become unbearable in no time. Skunks that burrow under concrete stoops or sheds are looking for a den site where they feel safe and once they establish that, they will not be moving anytime soon. Skunk removal by trapping is the only way to remove your skunk issues. Moth balls, rags soaked in ammonia, placing a radio or strobe light by the entrance might work for a short time, but it will not solve the problem. With early season skunk issues, time is not on your side. Skunks start breeding in mid- February through mid- March and have a sixty-three day gestation period, with this being said, a bigger issue will soon transpire when a litter of 4-8 all too eager to spray little stinkers are born in late May or early June will wreak havoc. Our Skunk trapping services have over 25 years of skunk removal experience to relieve you of your unwanted stoop resident. Skunk removal services are very proficient on how to remove your pest skunk issues and to relieve you of that revolting odor. Once we remove your skunk, we want to monitor the entry point for any activity in a given time, and then we can move on to skunk proofing. Buffalo Grove removal services recommends skunk proofing your problem area because the scent left behind will attract other skunks to dig in. Our skunk exclusion is custom fabricated out of steel to insure once we remove all skunks, they are gone for good. We also guarantee our entire skunk proofing for quality of materials and workmanship. Local skunk removal services would like to inform our clients of the possibility of an animal dying in an out of reach area where a dig out is crucial for dead animal removal because the smell of a rotting carcass will make you forget about a skunk scent. Best Buffalo Grove IL skunk removal services also offer Buffalo Grove odor removal to relieve you of that revolting odor and put you on a path to relief and peace of mind. If you are in need of skunk removal in Buffalo Grove Illinois give us a call, we’ll be happy to help with the removal of your pest skunk issues and leave you and your family in a very good position.