Island Lake Wildlife Removal

The History Of Island Lake, Illinois

Island Lake ILIsland Lake Illinois was founded on the 25th of June in 1952. It can be found on the northwest side of Chicago.

The population of the area is roughly eight thousand, one hundred and fifty there.
Following the Great Depression, a mortgage business decided to take over the area. This business decided to make developments which they called Island Lake IL Estates. As a result of such developments, a very large number of settlers found themselves relocating to the area.

Throughout 1938, a property owners association business was developed. A man named George LaGrue was the first manager of this company. Since the war, homes began to be rebuilt and were owned by many children of the original home owners. In time, many young families decided to live in the area.

During 1961, the very first Comprehensive Village Plan was developed. This took place when John Buckley was elected as govenor and Helen DeWire became the clerk. It was this that helped the village continue to grow and develop to where it is now. Island Lake animal removal services for nuisance wildlife are provided 24 hours a day for emergency animal control dead or alive.

1960 saw the very first supermarket in the region to be developed. Many knew this supermarket as Robin Hood. Also during 1960, the village hall was built. This was located on Route 176. Not long after this, a police building and a garage were formed.

Unfortunately, Island Lake Illinois is prone to tornadoes. In fact, it is known to have the largest tornado activity within Chicago and surrounds. In April 1965, the first tornado hit the area. As a result of the tornado, the area experienced much damage and one child was killed. The biggest tornado the lake experienced was in 1972. This caused at least twenty injuries but no deaths.

During 1988, permission was given to build a shopping center. This is now home to a wide range of shopping businesses as well as a post office. Restaurants were also built within the center.

Island Lake Illinois was a great location for those who were middle income earners. If these people had the right amount of money, they were able to own a lake cottage in the area. This is what is so attractive about the lake. The area allows simple people the opportunity to own some land and a cottage in a lovely location.