Barrington Skunk Removal

Skunk DugoutA skunk that made a burrow under your Barrington stoop or shed usually starts with chipmunks creating a small hole and a skunk locating it or the scent left behind from previous skunk issue. Skunks are always looking for a safe place to burrow and den,  once they feel safe, they won’t leave on their own. Skunks are somewhat beneficial to us by providing a balance in nature by eating mice and insects but in time, a sulfur odor will creep into your home and cause nausea and headaches if you don’t act fast. Skunk Trapping is the only way to remove your skunk issue. Moth balls, rags soaked in ammonia or placing a radio by the hole might work for a short time, but it won’t solve the problem. Skunks that burrow at the beginning of the year are looking for a safe place to deliver their litter and there’s nothing safer than being tuck under a big chunk of concrete. Skunks start breeding in mid- February through mid- March and can gives live birth to about 4 to 8 all too eager to spray kits in early June. With this being said, baby skunks can create a critical situation in no time. When you’re looking for a Humane Barrington skunk trapping company, you want a company with experience in knowing how to read a skunks behavior and remove them without spraying. Although young skunks are a little more willing to spray then adult skunks though and trying to remove of a baby skunks odorlessly is a very hit or miss task. Our Barrington Skunk Removal team has over 25 years of skunk removal experience to relieve you of your unwanted stoop dwellers. Barrington skunk removal services are very skilled in trapping and removing your Barrington skunk issues and relieving you of that revolting odor. Once all pest skunks are removed, Barrington skunk control services advises skunk proofing your problem area, this is a necessity to eliminate any other stoop dweller from trying to take over an available den site, and some animals will take over a skunk den including raccoons, opossums and woodchucks. Barrington skunk removal services would like to inform our consumers of the possibility of an animal dying in an out of reach area where a dig out is crucial for dead animal removal because the smell of a decaying carcass will make you forget about a skunk scent. Barrington skunk control services also offer odor removal solutions to relieve you of that disgusting odor and put you in a good position and give you peace of mind. If you’re in need of skunk removal in Barrington Illinois give us a call, we’ll be happy to help in the removal of your pest skunk issues and leave you and your family in a good position. professional


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