Grayslake Raccoon Removal

CAM00155Raccoon’s, that gain access into your Grayslake IL. attic, not only does damage your home and insulation in a huge way, but also bring a variety of nasty microorganism especially the roundworm parasite into your attic.  At Grayslake raccoon removal, we seen firsthand on what kind of destruction raccoon’s can create in and outside a home. The destruction outside is nothing compared to what they can create inside your attic. Raccoon’s establish community latrines sites where they repeatedly deposit their feces and raccoon feces carries millions of roundworm eggs that lays dormant for years that can infect both humans and pets. Grayslake IL Raccoon Control takes this matter very serious as should you. Raccoon’s for their size are very powerful and one of the most intellectual and creative omnivores that Grayslake raccoon removal deals with on a daily basis. A raccoon that has gain entry usually tear through roof shingles and plywood, soffit, pulling up roof vents and bending attic fan blades. Raccoons enter our attics because they know its safe from the elements and predators. A raccoon that enter your Grayslake attic in late winter is probably a female preparing a den site to rare there young. Raccoon mating season occurs from Jan-March and gives live birth to 3-4 pups as early as mid April.  Grayslake raccoon trapping and removal is the only resolution to ensure the damage will stop. Our first step in humane Grayslake raccoon removal is locating their entry point then removing all raccoon from your home. Our Grayslake raccoon company has over 25 years of raccoon trapping experience and engages in all types of humane raccoon removal situations, and uses a variety of traps to remove your pest raccoon issues and once all raccoon’s are removed, the second most important step is raccoon exclusion, custom fabricated out of steel to insure once we get rid of raccoon’s they are gone for good. We guarantee all of our raccoon proofing for quality of materials and workmanship. If you are in need of raccoon removal in Grayslake Illinois and need a professional raccoon removal company for help, call us today. We will send out a specialist to get your Grayslake  IL Raccoon Trapping process started as well as an agent to estimate damage and work directly with your homeowners insurance on attic restoration.


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