Ingleside IL. Squirrel Removal

CAM00773When squirrels enter your attic, the damage can be never ending. Ingleside Squirrel Removal Services seen first hand what squirrels can damage in a short time if the issue is ignored. The entry point they chewed open will expose an entry point for just about any other animal that can get on your roof, raccoons, wasp, bats, deer mice and the elements of rain, that can create water damage.  Many homeowners are not aware that when it comes to homeowner’s insurance, they typically do not cover damage by rodents, well-being a rodent, squirrel damage falls under that. This wouldn’t be that big of a problem with most Ingleside squirrel trapping and repairs costing less then deductibles if caught in time. We’ve seen firsthand what squirrels can do to the average home and the greatest danger however is the fire hazard they can create by chewing on electrical wiring insulation. Ingleside squirrel removal takes this very serious and squirrel infestation poses a serious health risk to humans as well. Squirrels are a carrier of rabies and carry other parasites into your home, such as ticks and fleas that are almost surely present and leading to pet infestations as well.  Our humane Ingleside squirrel control team knows how to free you of squirrel usually in a week or less. Our Ingleside squirrel removal company has over 25 years’ experience in squirrel trapping experience to help rid you of these pests and with the average squirrel, reproduction numbers can range from 3- 7 and have two litters a year.  We offer a humane Ingleside squirrel trapping package that takes care of the inspection, trap set up, use of various trap methods and trap as many squirrels as we can catch in a given time period, which is a huge break for the hard working home owner from paying per squirrel removed. Our Ingleside squirrel removal technicians will come out, locate the entry point and give you there professional solution to capture your home dweller. Once all squirrels are removed, our Ingleside squirrel removal service can squirrel proof the damage to your home to ensure that all pest squirrels are gone for good.  So if you need squirrel trapping in Ingleside Illinois feel free to give us a call, we would like to help.


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