Vernon Hills Raccoon Removal

CAM00783Raccoons are one of our most opportunistic omnivore in North America, taking advantage of any means to survive. When a raccoon take advantage of your Vernon Hills home, chances are it either entered your attic or chimney. A raccoon that enter your Vernon Hills attic or chimney in late winter is probably a female preparing a den site to rare there young. Raccoon breeding season occurs from Jan-March and gives live birth to 3-5 kits in early April through May and won’t be vacating anytime soon so raccoon removal by trapping is the best way to deal with your issue. Vernon Hills Raccoon trappingl Services has over 25 years’ of trapping experience and engages in all types of humane raccoon trapping techniques to remove your pest raccoon issue. Raccoon key entry points are soffit vents, roof vents, attic fans or taking advantage of an open chimney. At Vernon Hills raccoon removal, we seen firsthand on what damage raccoons can create in and outside a home. The damage outside is nothing compared to what lies inside your home. Raccoons establish community latrines sites where they repeatedly deposit fresh feces. Raccoon feces can carry millions of roundworm eggs that lay dormant for years and can infect domestic cats and dogs, so raccoon removal is very important for your safety. Our Vernon Hills raccoon trapping service engages in all types of raccoon removal situations to remove your issues as soon as possible and get you back to a peaceful living. We use a large variety of traps to free you of your pest raccoon issues but most importantly is our raccoon proofing; custom fabricated out of heavy steel to insure once the pest raccoon are removed, they are gone for good. We guarantee all of our raccoon proofing for quality of materials and workmanship. If you’re in need of humane raccoon control in Vernon Hills Illinois call us today. We will send out an experienced technician to get your raccoon trapping process started as well as an agent to estimate damages and will work directly with your homeowners insurance on raccoon attic restoration.


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