Wauconda Skunk Removal

Skunk TrappedA skunk that made a burrow under your Wauconda IL stoop or deck usually starts with chipmunks creating an avenue for other animals such as skunks to dig in. Skunks prefer to burrow under stoops and sheds because it’s a safe place to den and once they establish that, there in for the long haul. Immediate Wauconda skunk removal by trapping is very important because in a very short time the smell of sulfur can seep into your home that can cause you to be nauseated. There’s also a chance of an animal dying under your stoop causing a long process dig out. Wauconda skunk trapping service knows exactly what you’re going through because we deal with these issues on a daily basis. Skunks breeding season is between mid- February to mid- March and have a litter of 4 to 6 kits in May to early June. With this being said, Wauconda skunk removal is a must because young skunks will spray frequently and will leave you in a bad situation with their powerful musk. Wauconda Humane Skunk Removal is a proficient wildlife removal company with 25 years in humane skunk trapping and skunk odor removal solutions. Wauconda skunk control starts by identifying the skunks den site, setting humane skunk traps and removing all problem skunks from your property, once all skunks are removed; we then move to skunk control, Wauconda skunk control services suggest skunk proofing to your problem area to eliminate future pest skunk issue and any other stoop dwellers, including raccoons, ground hogs and opossums from entering. All of our skunk proofing is custom fabricated out of heavy steel and carries a 15 year guarantee on material and workmanship. So if you’re in need of  professional skunk trapping in Wauconda Illinois, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help with your skunk issues and leave you and your family in a good position.


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